Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dumb-bell vs. dumbbell

After Aunty Aerobics challenged me to a duel, I took it up and went to a gym. I did it more to run away from my nieces and nephews, who now ganged up to played pranks on me.

I called my chubby nephew a King Kong who deserved a king-sized banana whenever he howled on the dinner table. Kid's whining got even louder and he locked himself in a room.

My 2-yr old niece bawled in absolute confusion when I DJed her favorite CD, zip-zapping from one track to another after playing them for 5 seconds apiece. Learnt a lesson -- if a baby loves the Nimbodaa song, play *only* that song. Don't even think of replacing it with Billy Joel.

And never a compare a baby to King Kong. That got some parental attention too, but they expected it knowing I blabber without thinking.

When I reached the gym, the bouncing aunties made me head for the weights instead, which I havent touched for years. My weekly workout consists of running and martial arts, so when I pulled up a XXX pound weight, man, I stretched out like never before.

My left hand was so strained, for two days it stood out like a beggar asking for money. My right leg was so stressed that I couldn't even chase the gang, who launched one successful prank after another.

They stopped after I threatened to take away their Xmas gifts if they didn't behave. Mark my words -- that one always works.

After beating a dozen more in an aerobics duel, Aunty Aerobics didn't sympathize with my condition; she called me a moron and threatened to take me to a store to pick up more grocery bags. "All you youngstars need workout," she cried. "Why don't you do one of those commercials selling fitness gear?" I retorted back.

Guess it was a ghost from the past -- I'd broken my right leg twice and left hand thrice while playing sports, so they acted up. The the next time I approach a dumbbell, I won't be a dumb-bell.


Blogger venus said...

oh oh, u really seem to be in bad crowd, the prank playing babies! Yeah, any exercise you start, your body has to get used to it, if you'd give up now, and if yoou'd think in future to start again, you'll go through the same set of experience, rather, you should survive this phase, and you'd be just fine in few days to take aerobics or dumbbell. Good luck!

8:42 AM  
Blogger ME said...

The baby seems to be having fun! and yes if u r on the heavier side u better pick up the dumb bell. Actually that's my New Year resolution too! Have a nice and healthy year ahead

8:54 AM  
Anonymous downunder said...

Happy New yeah Mr India! Do anything exciting?

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Hey check out these pictures from Kyrgyzstan!

7:58 PM  

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