Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cable, we miss you, come back

The cable guy finally caught up with us on Monday evening -- we lost our free cable. And every two minutes, Erin cried "mmmaan" while I just cussed Comcast with the baddest abuses known to the planet.

At the neighborhood store the same evening, a fellow shouted to someone: "Are you the cable guy?" He was joking, but with an angry streak attached to it.

So the cable guy has pissed off the whole community. Atleast our building has a few distraught people.

Later as I found out, a cable guy had come to disconnect the cable of residents who just sold their flat. In the process he disconnected all residents with free cable.

Next step? Pony up some cash for the boob tube. It's just impossible to open up that cable box.


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