Sunday, March 23, 2008

How I really feel..

Want to hear how I feel? Listen to the first few seconds of this song...

About relationships, expectations, guilt and conflict. Found myself humming this ditty today morning, so figured there must be something wrong, but still trying to figure it out.

Perhaps it's my turn to dump trash.

Perhaps I felt too environmentally guilty when carrying groceries in a plastic bag yesterday.

Perhaps I could have fit one more glass in the dishwasher before starting it.

Perhaps I'll forget to do my taxes on time and get fined $15.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

It's been a while since Brimful asked for throwback songs, and I recommended this one. Now studying what seemingly is medicine, it seems Brimful could use the song too.

The vocalist is Faith Evans, if you wonder. Check her bio, and yes, she perhaps sang the song because she really needed it. The band is A Tribe called Quest.

The song's from around the mid-to-late 90s, during my days as an NYC resident. And yes, I really needed the song every month in fear of meeting rent.


Blogger brimful said...

Yo, thanks! Faith Evans and Q-Tip is a nice combo- I've never heard this song before, so it was a good treat.

Hope feeling stressed out, stressed out is a temporary thing in your case (and in mine too for that matter).

8:16 PM  
Blogger Id it is said...

Hey, you sound really down and out...BUT
'This too shall pass', that's what makes life so livable; its transience/ impermanence.

I couldn't access your site for the last few days

2:43 PM  

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