Monday, May 09, 2005

Back on the road

After a long time I revisited my usual MUNI bus to work, which was a pleasant experience. The blond woman with a ponytail was there. So was the Chinese lady carrying trash in Chinese bags, occupying the back seats. The bros with the hip-hop playing on a motherload-sized radio. And people have problems carrying decent-sized laptops.

What was annoying was the dude who drew attention of pretty women by rapping out his life's sob stories. He did this and that, was born into a broken family, he ended becoming a cheerleader, and his girlfriend ran away from the altar. Whatever stories he cooked up, i've never seen those women back on the bus.

The Chinese lady would perhaps love to hear him, she's always looking for a chat.

The bus ride was unadventurous. Now to try a plane ride.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is why women always sit on the aisle side, even if there's an empty seat by the window. Don't want to risk getting trapped by some over-familiar guy.

Clearly, you need to start chatting up the pretty women first. Then they'll come back.

Bruschetta Lee

11:10 AM  

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