Saturday, May 21, 2005

How to depress a girl

After catching my aisle seat on the plane, I notice the neighbors. The woman, looking 19 and really 19, is sitting cold and quietly in the middle seat; the guy, 20, sitting on the window trying everything to catch a glimpse of the cute girl next door. Stuff we all did when we were 19 and 20. The icegirl noticed those attempts, I could tell.

You could just see a drama cooking, and yep indeed, it blew open as the flight went on.

When the plane was describing safety instructions, he made fun of the name "Ted Airlines."

"Who the hell is Ted?" he mentioned out of the blue to the girl, laughing hysterically. The young one probably hope this would break the ice(girl) and harvest a chuckle.

"Ted are the last three letters of United," she said coolly, stopping the dude's laughing in the tracks.

Quietness rules again.

I pretended to be asleep and hoped more melodrama would come.

After take off, the expected temperature of Phoenix was announced. 98 degrees, not bad. The dude took a chance on the woman again -- "Atleast its not the record 103."

Oh no, it's bad omen to start a conversation with weather talk, i thought.

But it attracted a smile from the girl, who then got back to her reading of Cosmopolitan, if I'm not mistaken.

Soon, he started asking questions and got one-word answers. She's from Fresno, is a freshman in college, and her exams had just ended.

Soon he asked, "so how were your exams?"

"They just ended so how will I know how I did?" she said

"And I don't want to talk about it," she said bluntly.

I loved her stubbornness. Be appealing, yet be a mysterious nut that a man has to work hard to crack open and discover.

Guy had to try something new. So he tried to respect her city of Fresno, saying it must be a wonderful town. We all know it is trailer trash.

"How do you know?" she asked.

Uh oh.

"I was just guessing."

"Oh. okay," and back to Cosmo the woman went.

Icegirl held on stubbornly like Star Wars fans who wait overnight in Phoenix for tickets only to realize the next day that the temperature is 110, and they just should have bought the ticket off the Web. (well that isn't stubborn, but I wanted to chalk this example in somehow).

If you can't do it mentally. do it physically. So the dude jumped out of his seat, over the woman, over a sleeping me, into the aisle, to go to the loo. He then looked at icegirl and smiled, hoping the Superman act would impress her or produce a chuckle, but he got a straight up cold response. Oh, what a person will do for puppy love.

The guy went to the loo, and icegirl took out his cell phone from his seat pocket. She switched it on, did some quick curling (perhaps trying to gather some info), and by the time the guy came back, the phone was back in the seat pocket. What disturbed me - she switched on the phone when the plane was flying, and second it wasn't her phone. But I didn't say anything -- I mean, what if they were brother sister and made this whole drama just to play some sort of weird prank on me?

Anyways, the guy came back, and continued his tirade to please the girl. At the flight's end, he realized he was blown away by this attractive woman, but atleast he kept trying. He was graceful enough not to ask for a phone number, recognizing he lost the battle.

Rethinking the incident - the personality of a stubborn woman is exactly the personality in a woman I am looking for. If a woman goes jibber-jabber from the word go, the mysterious element doesn't remain. I want to work hard to crack open a woman's personality - that is challenging.

But I won't do it the way the nitwit dude did it, and I certainly won't let the woman peek into my cellphone.


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