Saturday, September 17, 2005

A few stray thoughts from Raja

(Editor's Note: Ever experienced Raja's writing before? Yep, his name isn't Raj or Raju, its Raja. He pens interesting stray thoughts about Bombay, rains, Kashmira ben, Bollywood, hitmen, just about anything in his range. Because he won't start a blog, I'll publish his stuff for him. So here I present, Raja.)

Dear my friends,

Ok it’s been a while but then all good thinks take time and patience.

So on this Friday not the 13th one I shall put down a few strays thoughts and a few and a few more obviously all my own work. Not like anybody else seems to be interested except for our friend who is amused at Pope driving the Limo.

Well have you guys noticed how one particular clothing has transformed and re transformed. It has seen a sea change in its styling , colouring, stitching, looks, buttons, pockets, rivets have been added and deleted, the length has been made longer and shorter, and some times the width too has been broadened from the top and bottom, it has got lots of colours, effects, its got embroidery, and believe it or not it has been torn I had read somewhere even it has been shot with bullets to give it the desired effect. Well I am talking about a pair of jeans. No two jeans seem to be the same any more. how many of you guessed right. All of you get a chance to be as audience on KBC (king bachan is Crorepati)

The rate at which we see people having and the class of people having mobile phones has been quite amazing. In fact there used to be a time when I have heard ppl saying “ oh, I saw a fellow caring a cell, what shit arrey I saw a fellow caring a cell in the train. ” Earlier it was “What shit man you got a cell phone”, then it became “what crap you don’t have a cell phone” soon it will become “what you only have only one cell number”

I heard two gujjus talking in the train
Gujju # 1 : Arrey yaar kale su hari gayu Michael Schumacher match ma.
Gujju # 2 : Hah yaar aulo bijo bahu solid chalavto hoi che

Gujju # 1 : pehla Schumacher bahu jitto hato. Anney solid kamayu che
Gujju # 2 : I think aye sauthi wathare kamai che

So guys which sports and which sportsman earns the most amount of money. I think it should be football. Do give your valuable feedback. I shall appreciate it.

Read in the paper today A Japanese Woman complained to a cop about a hitman whom she hired who did not execute the job ( Hitman paid a whooping Rs. 59 lakhs ). How weird are people.

Wow I think I have written a lot
To milte ha ek chote break ke bat, do not go anywhere.


Anonymous mals said...

Why do gujus think abt cash all the time

10:04 AM  
Blogger Khakra said...

So we can offer Maadus like you low-paying jobs. Let's take this outside Mala, one-on-one, Gujjus vs. Maadus

1:57 PM  
Anonymous bhagya said...

Don't think would want to come back after the break :D

Whats with the word verification are you paranoid?

10:19 PM  
Blogger Khakra said...

Word verif will save you from those ad comments..."visit my website to learn how to appreciate blogs etc." type junk

As for Mala, she knows how to push my buttons. E-v-e-r-ytime. No free beer for her from now on.

4:31 PM  

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