Saturday, August 20, 2005

Spelling bee and too much ghee

Saw the spelling bee contest on TV a few days ago -- the four Indian American finalists were animated on stage, having fun, talking to each other and giving high-fives. Now that it's all over, if they only trashed that dictionary and visited India for once.

The Indian parents were also fun to watch -- they gave these nasty, bad ass looks to their on-stage kids that said "If you don't spell this word, I will lock you up in the bathroom for 25 days."

One grim women with especially bad -- she gave her kid a grave look and her eyes squinted in dangerous concentration. With those kinda women, you can say stuff about the rest of their family -- both the kid and the husband were undernourished.

On the other hand, the American moms were rejoicing when their kids misspelt. One mom was so overjoyed when her daughter misspelt a word that her reaction probably reminded the daughter of the day she was officially declared potty trained.


Blogger gulnaz said...

my brother's wife recites alphabets and nursery rhymes to her 2 month old baby and wants all of us to do the same. :)
kids should not be pressured that much.

10:56 AM  

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