Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Parsi women

Among the bucket of aunties toiling the streets of San Francisco, it's hard to track down a Parsi woman, undoubtedly the most beautiful women in the world. (Note: *not* 'Paris' women! Parsi!). That fair skin, beautiful hair, soft eyes, the random chattiness -- umm, now I'm torturing myself. I have to see someone. NOW.

Google isn't helping me, I might end up putting an ad on Craigslist asking if any Parsi lady wants to hang out over a pint. Like the previous experimental CL posting with the subject: "Would like to meet someone named Brie," to which I got a response and *actually* met the woman. She was fun, now down in LA. But this was three years ago...

Other than their colossal nonsense-talk, Parsi women were fun to hang out with during my college days. One flirted with me second day into college; she even sent out hints I was told. We remained friends for the rest of our college days, until she got married and moved to Pune. She had a crush on me many believed, because of my ability to jibber-jabber like a geezer after a narangi-mausambi. So now I hope her marriage is.... should I say it.... no. Well, she isn't the end of the Parsi community. Remain married and happy! :)

Told you I was desperate to meet a Parsi woman. Don't be surprised with the wordings.

The second was a nymph-like teaser -- the elusive woman with elegant Parsi beauty who was hard to understand. We used to work together in a college organization; I tried seeking work with her, but everybody did as well, so she was hard to reach. For a Parsi woman, she didn't talk much -- but when she actually did, she was a disaster. She still floats around in my memory like a fairy that makes my heart flutter. Unfortunately for all her admirers, she was attached.

And the third one, of course, was a special one.

Right -- so now I read Parsis are also known as Zoroastrians. It's back to the drawing board...and Craigslist...


Blogger Chick Pea said...

ahh... why the 3rd one so special..curious beans want to know ;)

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