Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Michael Chang

While staying at a boring hotel in Kodaikanal, I grimaced at my cousin because there was nothing on TV. We were bored. This was in the 1980s. There were no coffee shops then.

Suddenly, my aunt runs in, shouts "There's a Michael Chayng movie on TV, Michael Chayng," in typical Gujju style, and sprints away. "There's a Michael Chayng movie on TV," she shouted in the next room, where cousins were tearing up the wall as one card was missing from the stack of 52.

I was thrilled. Michael Chang is back. He had become an inspiration after winning the French Open that year. Not only was he American, he was a Chinese man with an American accent. The same folks in tennis over years -- Lendl, Edberg, Jheeem Cruureeyer (as the french pronounced him), Becker-- were boring, so seeing this new dude was a sigh of relief.

So we start the TV, and this old man with an English accent rattles out "Bloke, don't be snooky! Hand me twenty quid."

He doesn't look like Michael Chang to me, I thought. My aunt didn't know what Michael Chang looked like, so she probably was enjoying the movie.

So the snooky bloke hands Michael Chang 20 quid, and Michael Chang starts running away. Snooky bloke gets surprised and starts chasing Michael Chang.

Then the credits role.

"XXX Movie!"

"Starring: "Michael Caine"

We were bored once again.

Batman's back, and this time it stars Michael Chang.


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