Saturday, June 11, 2005

Medical tourism

By common thought, it is believed Indian doctors are poor. But when I said that to an Indian doctor who works here, she unloaded a can of whoopass readily intended for me.

Doctors in India in some ways are better as they can better identify diseases than US doctors. Indians get sick often, so doctors get some real hands-on experience, compared to doctors here, who get much of their experience in the labs, but really don't get much practical experience.

Because the doctors are working with live cases all the time, they get well honed in the very basics of certain diseases, making it easier for them to identify. Over here, the first thing a doc will do is administer antibiotics, until they analyze the deepest research of a case.

In India, doctors are brave; they don't get scared in identifying a disease. Over here, doctors may be sure, but they are scared to identify it. They also try to work too hard to identify one, going through a million different possibilities even though the health problem could be as simple as malaria.

Doctors in India get very well honed in the basic skills because of their practical and work experience in rural India. US doctors are better for advanced health cases because of their advanced research skills, ability to deal with complex cases and optimism. But when it comes to basic health problems, like malaria, pneumonia or appendicitis, Indian doctors are better, the lady said.

And she didn't seem to enjoy hearing India being bashed. Here's the can of whoopass thought for the day - first analyze the person you are sitting with before deciding to unload Indian criticism.


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