Saturday, July 02, 2005

Italian crowds are hard to rock

MTV's coverage of the Live 8 concerts across the world is really cool. It goes from bureau to bureau, revealing latest updates to viewers. There is something just too sexy about it.

While Madonna was rocking Live 8 in London, Linkin Park seemed grumpy as their attempts to appease the crowd failed. A video cam showed the lead singer looking into the humongous Philly crowd where nobody clapped, raised to hands, or seemingly sang along. Damn, if you're bored, pretend to sleep, or pretend like you came for a walk in the park, only to get trapped by a cavalry of 600,000 concert-goers. If the last one's the case, good morning moron.

Berlin rocked -- the audience response to a German band was something Linkin Park would've paid to see. The French in Paris rocked up to beautiful Shakira. (she's not American... she's Colombian). It's ok to be eye candy but be unable to sing. The Pet Shop Boys were supposed to play in Moscow's Live Aid -- what we call "waking up from hibernation." They might just put the Moscow crowd to sleep for 20 years. (PSB's electronica, completely unsuited for live music).

Philly's back on, and the scene's becoming mysterious -- the Asian-looking dude who had a solo guitar riff for Linkin Park is now rapping the stage off for Jay Z with Indian flutes in the background mix. The crowd is responding well -- shows how much hip hop has evolved in 20 years. Run DMC, pop of hip hop, was the only hip hop band at Live Aid 20 years ago, which perhaps left the scene discouraged after Vanilla Ice was born. Vanilla Ice's rap became a hit, and Run DMC's attempt to define the word "hip hop" went on a free-fall.

London's back on. 20 years ago Madonna *rocked* Live Aid, raw and energetic a la Christina Aguilera today (Christina has singing talent, not Britney). Her act has dripped a bit -- energy levels are down, but the maturity and strong voice are there. And she's explosive, provocative and involves the crowds -- asking them to sing along, pointing the microphone to them, stripping a bit to tease the crowd and TV watchers. Something tells me she'll be the same even at 85.

Back to Philly, and Jay Z, Linkin Park and the musical Asian hobo seem to be rocking the joint. Jay Z just said "If we can spend billions and billions of dollars to kill people, we can spend billions of billions of dollars to help people live." Doesn't get more classy. You know what moronic ass this was a direct kick on - I can't mention names here out of profession courtesy.

And what follows is the Asian fella tearing apart a keyboard. What the f***? Did he ever take time out to have a pint while learning music?

In Paris, Shakira has suddenly turned into a queen belting out on-demand responses from the crowd. Hands swooning, she got it. Sing-alongs? She got it, even though cameras showed the French struggling. She'd probably get a French kiss and striptease if she wanted.

Viewing the event on AOL, Rome was hearing what sounded like country music. The country booed when the song ended. Gotta hand it out to Italians - not only are they the most expressive people on this planet, they are the bravest too. If your cooking sucks, they will make it well known and even trash the food for you, though it may sound like a praise thanks to their smooth accent.

Over in Johannesburg, Operation Baobab members are wearing suits and bongoing traditional African beats - sounded neat. The crowd looked lamed out - perhaps they were waiting for WWE wrestlers or tourists to get mugged (Jo'burg has the highest crime rates in the world). Operation Baobab should have fistfights and break up right now -- now that'll please the crowd.

No African artists were included in Live Aid 20 years ago -- only Western artists performed to help rid Africa of hunger and poverty. So Live 8 came up with the Johannesburg concert to put more focus on Africa. The world balance is majorly in the favor of G8, and poor countries are suffering, especially African countries. Live 8 aims to spread awareness about this. G8 countries are getting rid of debt, but providing no cash to help Africans develop.

Over to Berlin, and Green Day is wrapping up its act with "We are the Champions." The Germans are partying. A friend who lived there said Germans weren't allowed to take a bath before 9AM, as sleepers could get pissed if disturbed after a night-long beer-guzzling party. And here in the US we have trash bags crashing down a chute disturbing us at 5AM.

Superstars were dishing out some of the coolest song in the Live Aid concert 20 years ago -- Madonna, Eric Clapton, Sting, David Bowie, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, The Who, Run DMC, you name it. The only shame was Lionel Ritchie, who Dave Chappelle drafted out to the white folks in his show. Both the concerts mean a lot. People worldwide struggle with various issues -- lack of education among them.

Volunteer to help people in need, it is very satisfying. Helping jumpstart Akanksha, a school to help educate slum kids in 1993/94 was among the best things I have ever done -- seeing the kids progress with an education was the most satisfying. I wonder what the kids are doing now; but they certainly are living a better life with an education that they'd be living without otherwise. When we first approached those kids to come join the school, they were lifting buckets of water, doing domestic work, with their future going nowhere. Assisting people, giving them an opportunity, either through money or volunteering, can work wonders.

Back to London, Mariah Carey is walking on-stage now, and the crowd has screamed out loud. She was good when I saw her a few years ago, and the crowd is expecting a lot, but her sound's been degenerating over years. Ah, there are the four backup singers to save her. Great organizers, and absolutely the finest bands, including Youssou N'Dour, on this planet lined up. Doesn't get cooler.


Blogger Farguss said...

well, i've to be sincere from now on. i'm italian 'n' i didn't understand the whole post, but i like what u've said, 'n' i can reply that here in italy, the Live8 it's been better than the italian was thinkin 'bout. the artist was good, the song too, but i dind't like that here, to let see some local (great, but local) artist on TV, we hadn't see nuthin 'bout canadian concert, a little (little) bit of philly town, 'n' when mariah carey (ps: i love mariah) steps on the floor, they has cut the image for something worst!

i hope that you understand my message...! ^_^

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Blogger Farguss said...

uhm...ok,i stop writing english! ^_^

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