Friday, April 28, 2006

Cool school days and those communist essays

(Rated R for profanity)

I'm missing university rummaging through essays written as journalism school assignments. Amazing how hard I worked then -- whether drinking or putting in hours of study/research -- now I'm a bum.

It was one crazy essay titled "The Dolly Folly" about cloning that made j-school a nightmare. I worded it like a funny Sun article; the lede was "Who would you like to reproduce with? Pamela Anderson? Cate Blanchett? Sorry, if you can't get the original, then try a duplicate – who maybe available elsewhere."

It ended with "I think cloning is not good. I wouldn't want a clone writing this essay or a clone teaching me this subject."

In the middle? Daft junk like this: ".. as genetics can help create an embryo out of a few tissues and cells, will the women need the men anymore? Women, who prefer to have the men, think "We say it in a joke that we don't need men, but it would be horrible if there weren't any." Right again.. sometimes newspapers can't do without men either."

The krusty old professor, expecting an academic essay, naturally didn't take a liking to the humorous twist: he almost ducked me on the subject. Asked him if I could rewrite the essay to improve the grade, and he said: "do they call it bhaago (run) in Hindi?" Boogie-woogied straight for the door.

That one stupid essay killed my overall j-school grades. (tbc)


Anonymous jinal shah said...

Lol! The only class that developed my thinking abilities was the one I took during my last sem before graduating. I panicked thinking, I'll never be an undergrad again so I paid attention in that class.

I wish I'd forced myself to pay attention in other classes.

7:57 PM  
Blogger ME said...

ya the univ days certainly are the days you slog over ur passions. I slogged over Modern Indian History. Found more than I lost...
and yes Russia/Europe especially fascist Germany and Italy are interesting. Don't mind going over them again...

7:17 AM  
Blogger ME said...

lol!!!:D ahhh interesting essay, sorry for the grades. But would be crazy making luv to pamela anderson's clone. What u say?

7:19 AM  

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