Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Post-Oscar watch

Crash won the Oscar for best film, but I'm disappointed. The film took a serious jab at every ethnic community but the desis. Why were Indians ignored?

I expressed dismay about Crash's ignorance in an earlier post. Just what do the desis need to do to get Hollywood's attention? Do we need to populate those seedy LA areas with desi inner-city kids? Or move gay Indian goat-herders to northwestern Iowa?

I threatened the Academy that if it gave Crash an Oscar, desis would strike back. Lo and behold, not only did it get the best film, it apparently was the biggest upset in Oscar history.

Hollywood directors, please don't hesitate to poke fun at Indians. Doctors will still treat you, your computers won't crash, and motels will still accept you. Try us out. We don't bite. (Except the proud Punjabis and the Sikhs, those guys who you've stereotyped as bad guys.)

Indians can ignore Hollywood. I mean, we ignore Vijay Amritraj anyways, the biggest garbage producers in the US. But the US-desi film scene isn't any good. Enough of American Chai, ABCD Chai, Green Visa with Chai and other nonsense.

Oh well, ignore the rant. Crash was good and it deserved the Oscar. Next, the Razzies. My vote for worst film: Fantastic Four.


Blogger square peg said...

Ha! Ha ha ha! I especially like the bit about the gay desi goatherders in Northwest Iowa.

11:52 AM  

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