Friday, May 26, 2006

The future of Montenegro?

Serbians seemingly never stop their mischief. Their interference in the referendum fell a tad short of denying Montenegro independence. They only had to import a few more dummy voters from Croatia or Russia on May 21...

Montenegro got about 56% of the vote for independence from Serbia, barely a few % points above the minimum requirement set by the EU.

The new country's premier criticized Serbia meddling around with the referendum. Cool down dude, you *won* the election, so keep it positive. And precaution: don't mess with the Serbs. They can really screw Montenegro at will. Fortunately, the Serbs have recognized the new sovereign nation.

The new nation faces many challenges, Serbia's only one of them. Reporters may misspell the new country and National Geographic may decide not to create a world map for financial reasons -- Montenegro can't do anything.

On a serious note, my thought process would be something like this if I were heading Montenegro:


Neighbors are my first first concern. The battle-tested Serbian and Kosovar populations are quite a handful for my peaceful population, so a support system to tackle them would help. Call on the superpowers -- US, EU and Russia. It is a lock that landlocked Serbia will meddle, as they would drool over the ports at the Adriatics and Mediterranean Sea for trade.

Focus more on the West. Lobbying for EU support is the best; it's a quick way to get on the fast-track for EU membership and develop economically. As Serbia also seeks EU membershtip, EU will discourage the Serbs from meddling in Montenegro. U.S. may be good for Coke and Wendy's, but keep them in the background for now.

Stay away from Russia and its dubious reputation. (Russia doesn't expect attention, if they need Montenegro, they will just conquer it.) China.. where is China? Forget Asia for now, focus on the West.

Disconnect Montenegro from other Balkan nations which have a dubious reputation of pride and prejudice (which will never happen. The Balkan Effect will never disappear, given its location. Had it bordered Austria, perhaps yes...) Try to avoid the infiltration of Serbs and Kosovars who will try to leave their lands searching for a better life.

Create an identity promoting Montenegrin nationalism. Draw from the country's past and bury the tumultuous Yugoslav years to create that new identity. The EU should give Montenegrins a reputation where quick business can be conducted.

Become a dictator ummm..... naah, bad idea for now.



Blogger Id it is said...

Montenegro voted for its split from Serbia bya 55+ percent vote and the whole event went off pretty peacefully; says a lot for citizens of both nations. The future of this new nation looks bright. However, the same cannot be said for Serbia, especially since the split leaves it landlocked.

On a different note, how does this impact the Serbia Montenegro soccer team at the World Cup being hosted in June?

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