Thursday, August 10, 2006

Russian mail-order brides

Mail-order brides give Ukraine a bad name. And of course they have the hackers, computer pirates, mafia, the corrupt elite (supposedly more corrupt than India) and much more to pinch your last penny.

The Ukrainian mail-order bride business has shook the US Embassy. The Kiev Embassy warns Americans of buyers beware for Ukrainian agencies dealing in brides/grooms. A bride "abandons or otherwise misuses the trust of the American partner" by disappearing. Brides get their visa and shazaam, they're gone.

Based on red flags, the Embassy makes the final decision on who to pass. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes *extremely* wrong. A friend, an American gal, went through the latter. J married a Russian man naturally, hoping to bring him back to the US.

American women are 'more reliable' in Russia (easier for Russian grooms to get a US visa than brides.). The US embassy raised some red flags in Jessica's case, and her Russian hubby was denied a US entry visa. So J stayed in the country.

The wedding was legit, atleast for J. Maybe the Russian man had some trick up his sleeve, I never met him so I can't say. J co-edited our newspaper; she'd come to work, do her thing, and disappear. It was impossible to figure out she was emotionally distraught.

Until a vodka session, where she spilt her heart out after a shot and Spaghetti "American Bolognaise." Either the food was terrible, or she really meant it. The US Embassy couldn't see her case.

Don't know where J is today, but hope she's doing well and happy. Last I heard, she had plans to move to the UK with the Russian man.

The tentacles of the Russian/Ukrainian mail-order bride business reaches far. And before the thought crosses your mind, I *didn't* go to Russia to find a bride! Though my mom would be happy if I married a Russian, Irish, Viking, Ugandan anyone. She wants me married, period.


Blogger Id it is said...

Judgemental as I may sound, but someone who 'orders' a bride by 'mail' deserves what he gets!
Interesting read.

8:13 AM  
Blogger venus said...

that is terrible, hubby getting denied of visa! Genuine people have to suffer because of some bad incidents! Hope she would be able to come back to US with her hubby one day.

9:49 AM  

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