Sunday, November 20, 2005

Twerps at work

High-level Fox News execs are apparently getting away with loads of lewd behavior, DC Media Girl points out.

Offensive remarks attributed to Fox News VP Joe Chillemi include saying that a pregnant woman had "tits" like "cannons", writes the gal.

What morons -- a sexual harassment case will blow their financials, like what may have happened to Bill O'Reilly himself.

O'Reilly faced a sexual harassment case from his show's producer, Andrea Mackris. The juicy case details include O'Reilly talking to Mackris about "explicitly, to her about phone sex, vibrators, threesomes, masturbation, the loss of his virginity, and sexual fantasies." View that case here.

It later got settled out of court.

While my personal viewpoints may differ from O'Reilly's, this could be part of a vendetta against him. I'm not supporting him, but why did Mackris wait so long to file the case?

Maybe she thought things would change, or was scared about something. Anything's possible.

But, more power to women. I'm glad Mackris got her justice. Such behavior is unacceptable.

(Disclaimer: This is not intended as a potshot to a fellow media outlet. And this is the last of my lewd entries!)


Blogger square peg said...

What?? More lewd entries, I say!

2:38 PM  
Anonymous downunder said...

Piece of donkey crap.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Khakra said...

square, want my employers to beeyotch-slap me? (stole the b word from your blog). You may have only $0.02, but I need more cash to keep my dates happy. The lewdity, of course, will come after a successful date...

Downunder..calm down, calm down. How's N? much love to her

9:28 PM  
Anonymous downunder said...

Your not the donkey crap, your just the ass :-P hehe Get it? Oh I'm so witty.
N is having a hard time :-( I guess she'll get better with time. When you getting over here?

12:10 AM  

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