Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sporty Indian cyclist

Don't call cyclists bikers, especially the Indian ones. I made that mistake once and the growl was worth hearing. Separate the bikers and cyclists, be it for any community. I've made it generic.

One Indian cyclist rocked the sidewalk I walked to work today morning. She rode one of those tiny fold-up bikes, an uneasy vehicle but relevant city transport. She creakily navigated through the crowded sidewalk, as if riding a scooter through a crowded street in Madras.

It looked like a Candid Camera trick or some scene for a spoof show, but it was real. I swear she could've banged into anyone at any moment. It annoyed me a bit, but the pedestrians enjoyed the scene, encouraging her with thumbs ups and cheery smiles.

This was after I saw a Buddhist monk standing in a line to get into the SFPD building/courthouse. I'm not saying Buddhist monks aren't capable of crimes, he perhaps jaywalked not knowing where he'd find karma. Or he was on jury duty. It was just an interesting sight, this robed monk standing and praying to god with his beads, sandwiched between women on cellphones. Not an everyday sight.

Interesting morning.


Blogger venus said...

Buddhisht monk praying, and women on cell phone, ( i'm sure they were 'hot')
must 've been quite an interesting scene!

1:58 PM  
Blogger Khakra said...

venus, seriously, if they were hot, i'd be the first to say that. they didn't grab me attention. you'll never find hot women on jury duty the same time as you. i've never had that luck. yep, i still behave like an 18 year old

2:55 PM  

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