Thursday, December 01, 2005

Anti-Russian mafia

A few days ago, Poland declassified 1979 documents detailing Soviet Russia's plan to nuke them in case a nuclear war broke out. Red mushrooms were dotted on Poland's map, signifying places as Russia's nuclear targets.

If the 1979 plans came true, Russia would have nuked Poland first, its first target, followed by other European nations.

Poland's always been a battlefield anyways -- it saw plenty of action after the Crimean War (1853-1856), had a war with Russia after WWI, and was Germany's first conquest in WWII.

The tenacious Polish-Rooskie relationship could worsen with the document release, an analyst estimated. It's like India and Pakistan working hard to develop a huge relationship, only to bring up the three Indo-Pak wars again.

Poland itself has many bones to pick with Russia. Historically, Poland perhaps has nothing against Russia, but it is weary and knows it is vulnerable to the giant.

So they are joining every alliance, and every possible thing to defend itself against the Russians.

And they want to join a new gang of anti-Russians called the Democratic Choice Community (DCC).

DCC is nothing other than a bunch of old CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) nations, basically under a new name, with a few anti-Russian countries thrown in.

The gang is meeting up starting today in Kiev, Ukraine's capital, to announce the alliance and its focus. Their stated focus is to develop trade and to foster economic, social and political cooperaton.

An unstated focus will be to veer away from Russia and to bend toward the West.

After all, these countries were historically exploited by Russia.

That becomes especially visible if you notice the list of member nations -- either they had recent revolutions supported by Western democracies (Ukraine, Georgia) or have been anti-Russia since the Soviet fall (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, aka Baltic states). Others include Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria etc.

Naturally, Russia pulled some strings to keep some pro-Commie countries, like Belarus, from attending the summit or joining the alliance. A notable exception is Azerbaijan, which is playing neutral with Russia and the U.S.

Vlad Putin was invited, but he perhaps decided he wasn't feeling well. Cough, cough.

If DCC develops as promised, Ukraine will especially benefit from it -- DCC will be another tool to fast-track its EU membership. Ukraine received praise today from EU members and WTO for delivering on economic development promises, allegedly messed up by the pro-Communist ex-president Leonid Kuchma.

Ukraine already got rid of its pro-communist government, a prerequisite to join the EU, when Viktor Yushchenko was elected president. And now it's ridding itself of the economic obstacles and bettering itself from what the world considered an unreliable, and strongly stated, "scumbag" nation.

DCC will also connect Ukraine and Georgia to the Baltic states, which are also EU and NATO members. Belarus may geographically intercept them, but Poland can be used as a trade route as it connects Ukraine to the Baltic states. So Poland stands to gain if DCC initiates trade talks between the disconnected nations.

For NATO and the EU member nations, this gives them a minor leg-up in the regional power struggle with Russia.

Don't get me wrong, Russia's super strong and wields plenty of influence in its home region. NATO and EU are struggling to crack in there.

But the million dollar point is: If DCC grows, even pro-communist countries like Belarus will be unable to ignore it.

If it becomes a monster alliance, it will even tempt the stubborn Russians into joining.

Which means we'll get more vodka. Hooray!


Blogger venus said...

one of the reasons I read your blog is the insider info you provide about world politics, and politics is my fav subject since ever I can remember!

quite interesting post!

1:16 PM  
Blogger ME said...

cold wars are heating up at last!

7:17 AM  
Blogger Khakra said...

thanks venus, apologies to keep the geopolitical analysis limited to the russian region! i really don't understand the West sometimes...

the cold war is still soo alive me! people expect a certain outcome, but its so unpredictable.. the kind of "jaate they jaapaan, pahunch gaye cheen" scenario

3:32 PM  

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