Friday, January 20, 2006

Tourists swing with Indian bling

Too many trainwrecks complaining about lizards chillin' on a wall 24/7 during their India trip? Hear something lighter for a change.

Friend Christina and her beau John have dished out saucy details of their India trip here. From Bombay's shopping hotspots (Crawford Market!) to visiting pink bathrooms in Jaipur and getting the standard-issue Delhi belly, their India travelog is affectionate, warm and funny.

Did you know that The Imperial Hotel in Delhi had its signature scent? Christina's traveled around the world in search of things unique.

Her most cheesy piece, which I chided her about, came during the US-Iraq war, written for Forbes. She conjured up a "coalition vacation," where American tourists pissed off at Germany or France for opposing the war could avoid travel there and instead go to "coalition of the willing" countries like Poland, Italy, Albania, Colombia. Great pun story, but informative too.

The part-India travelog relates to their 80-day shopping spree around the world. It is a spiffy and scrumptious delight.


Blogger venus said...

it's very true, on my yahoo anything, i see all ads related to india, like, 'travel india', 'explore india', 'get indian visa in 24 hours', and the list goes on.
I was like, wow, india is new appening thing now!
my boss's in-laws just toured india recently. I'm happy as long as it's in india's interest.

10:06 AM  

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