Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am not crazy - please find me my sponge!

(This SOS from a friend may sound insane, but it's the real deal. Help her!)

Ok, some of u know my obsession with dish washing and sponges. Some of you don't but now u have an indication.

The problem is, I can't find my second favorite sponge in any stores anywhere (Of course you must always have at least 2 kinds of sponges to do dishes with, in the first place) -- and it's been driving me crackers -- and some of u too.

I have now started dreaming of my second favorite sponge for which I have no name or brand except that I think I bought it at a dollar store and will go mad if I don't find the exact same thing very soon.

So to save me from going completely crazy I think my friends should look at the sponge section of every store they visit when they grocery shop. Yes.

It's blue and yellow, a sort of wavy rectangle, and has 3 layers - one cellulosey side and one rough scrubby side with a big layer of sponge in between. Beware the cheap imitations that have only a very thin layer on sponge in between - that will clearly not do!

Here's what it looks like.

If you see any, please let me know where -- I will be eternally grateful.

This is not a joke.

If u want to know y this is my second fav. one and what its unique qualities are over less superior sponges, or if u'd like to know about my most fav. sponge, or have any other sponge-related queries, call me!

Thank you :)
(PS.. Found! And am I glad to get rid of those filthy pictures of a used sponge. The distance I'll go to do things for a friend.)


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