Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hot buns and Carl's Jr.

After showing plenty of buns and getting down and dirty at Mr. Smith (a club somewhere around Market and 9th in San Francisco), I headed out looking for some chow. It was late, and the first place I found was a Carl's Jr. Not ideal for Hindus, but screw religion. I was hungry.

As I walked to the food slaughterhouse, I comforted a worried soul on the horn and asked her not worry about my drunken state. Truth? I was worried because she was more drunk, and she can drink like a gutter.

At Mr. Smith, I pocketed my glasses before hitting the floor. They got jammed, and they wouldn't open. All I could read on Carl's Jr.'s menu was "low fat" and the cashier ran the register. $7:03 was the bill, whatever dude. So I was getting "low fat," something that looked like a chicken sandwich.

Ended up being a burger with tomato, spinach and no bun. The lettuce jammed on both sides was the bun. Looked freaky at first, I'm like "what the f*** is this?" Turned out, it wasn't that bad. I was a bit wasted, but I know a burger when I taste it. Burgers really don't need buns.

With a surgery next week, my original plan at Melanie's place (she's back from Banda Aceh) wasn't to go to Mr. Smith. Then S spurted out that a DJ named "Omar" was spinning, and I thought Desi (Indian) music instantly. "I'm coming," I said. Fark it, who cares. Go for it, let vodka mix with the doctor's medicines.

Mr. Smith's a pretty good place, give it a try. After numerous vodka shots everybody started looking like a Desi, but I saw a substantial Indian crowd there.

On a larger scale, Mr Smith was good for me. An uncalculated move in the ongoing transition with a lot looming, this was a good antidote.

(Postscript: Drinking is NOT COOL. It is dangerous, can destroy lives, so avoid drinking if possible.)


Anonymous Hiren said...

Hope Mr Smith has a smooth future.

11:05 PM  
Blogger terence said...

what night were you at mr. smiths? i was there friday night. probably part of the large indian contingent...though i'm not sure why i went, except for the fact that my friend's dragged me...

1:21 PM  
Anonymous brimful said...

Hmmm... where there is vodka, I must go. Therefore, I shall have to check out this Mr. Smith.

Hope the surgery goes well and is nothing serious.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Khakra said...

terence, sat. nite. fine indian crowd hanging out in the basement then too.

brimful, thanks. just a follow up cut. where did i mention it? (now i see!) tried to edit it out because of family concern etc., but I didn't get to the second reference. allie, sorry for removing your comment. i'll update you

3:36 PM  

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