Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Reporters sans frontières

The abduction of journalist Jill Carroll in Iraq hit my gut right in the middle. I'm praying she gets released safely.

I've been angry, disappointed, emotional ever since that news broke. I felt that sting a few years ago when a fellow journalist and friend died on the field. That was the first I really knew how dangerous international reporting can be. Jill's kidnap brushed a fresh reminder.

With reporting and editing duties, easy and tough, from 5 countries, I wonder -- is it worth embarking on my next international tour of duty? At a media gathering last Thursday, many of us wondered the same. It isn't naivete -- the few journalists who get into international reporting know there's risk in it.

Of the 400+ foreigners abducted in Iraq, some 60+ were journalists, a recent report said.

About 150 journalists died on duty last year, both internationally and locally, according to an IFJ report.

Even the U.S. Army has "abducted" three journalists, releasing one Reuters journalist a few days ago. Basically, if you don't have AP (Associated Press) credentials, the U.S. Army can nab you too. What a shame. Journalists deserve more freedom.

The boneheads of a news channel wondered why reporters worked in endangered locale. Well, channel, if you can't do it well, don't f***** ask why other people why they do it. If you've got balls, send more people to Iraq instead of inciting pointless fights between Democrats and Republicans.

I don't know Jill, but I feel kinship with her. I hope she comes back safely and those cretinous culprits are bought to justice. Please do pray for her to reach home safely. That thought keeps me going.


Blogger venus said...

I will definitely pray for this strong willed lady, whose bravery is in deciding to cover the battle ground first handedly with no guns in hand! Whoever commits this heinous act of killing innocents, are not human, but the monsters.
May god give her enough strength to go through this.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Khakra said...

i just got an e-mail that said blog entries like this give the abductors the exact media coverage they need. Good point. Hope she returns safely.

5:39 PM  
Blogger ME said...

yes the email is right. but the fact that a journo has been kidnapped can't be denied. I think news organisations should take some kind of responsibility for those who work in vulnerable areas. All we can do is pray

7:27 AM  

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